THE MUSEUM The way we were and are

M9 belongs to a new generation of museums.
For the very first time, a museum narrates the compelling history of the 20th century.
A century that saw great and small changes: from evolutions in everyday life to momentous social, economic, environmental and cultural changes.
State-of-the-art technologies and immersive displays help visitors learn about the past, understand the present and imagine the future.

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THE DISTRICT The Architectural Project M9 is the result of a world-class urban regeneration project where historic architecture rubs shoulders with iconic new buildings. A cultural district that redesigns spaces and returns them to the city; an urban attraction aimed at enhancing and relaunching Mestre city centre with cultural events, amenities for the community and exclusive shops and restaurants. Discover
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Exclusive shops and restaurants provide great opportunities for relaxing and meeting up with friends in the city centre of Mestre. Explore the restored cloister and the open courtyards of the M9 district, set against a backdrop of multicoloured ceramics.