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ABOUT US Fondazione di Venezia

The Fondazione di Venezia (Venice Foundation), formerly a banking foundation, provides the area in and around Venice with resources to help it grow and improve, promoting relations between institutions, businesses and groups of people to encourage dialogue and the sharing of resources and projects. Fondazione di Venezia is a fundamental point of reference for all those involved in the social, artistic, cultural, scientific and economic life of Venice and its surroundings.


Michele Bugliesi Chairman
Marco Cappelletto Deputy Chairman
Emanuela Bassetti
Carlo Boffi Farsetti
Francesco Borga
Agar Brugiavini
Giuseppe Caracò
Paolo Costa
Giuseppe Fedalto
Alberto Ferlenga
Paola Marini
Luca Marzotto
Paolo Roberto Risotti
Angelo Tabaro


Michele Bugliesi Chairman
Maria Leddi Deputy Chairman
Vincenzo Marinese
Carlo Nordio
Giorgio Piazza

Giovanni Dell’Olivo


The Fondazione M9 (M9 Foundation) is tasked with running the Museum of the 20th Century according to the principles of ICOM, the International Council of Museums – UNESCO. It works in the art, cultural activities and heritage sectors, in education, scientific and technological research. Its aim is to promote and share material and immaterial testimonies of the history of the Italian people and gather and represent examples of the creativity, science, culture, art and technology of the 20th century and modern day.

FONDAZIONE M9 Board of Directors

Michele BugliesiChairman
Maria Leddi
Stefano Antonio Sernia
Fabio Cadel

Scientific Director Luca Molinari 

ABOUT US M9 District

M9 District manages M9 on behalf of the Fondazione di Venezia. M9 is the new cultural centre and urban regeneration project in Venice Mestre which has been modelled on similar international projects. M9 revolves around The Museum of the 20th Century which explores the great changes that took place in the 1900s, providing visitors with an engaging, interactive experience. Next to the museum is M-Children – a multimedia space for schools and families – with a busy programme of learning and educational activities.

M9 DISTRICT Board of Directors

Michele Bugliesi Chairman
Maria Leddi
Fabrizio Renzi

Fabio Cadel

Antonio Rigon

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