DIDATTICA Primary School

M9 works with primary school teachers to help them accomplish their educational targets. Just like school, a museum is a place where the present is explained by understanding the past and the future and its objective is to take children at any early age and shape them into responsible citizens who are able to participate in collective life.
M9 offers open, stimulating learning experiences where everyone can take an active role in their education, learning to learn and move within space and time.

DIDATTICA Middle School

The Carosello TV show, table football, Fiat 500s laden down for family summer holidays, industrially produced ‘panettone’ Christmas cakes, shorts, haute couture, the invention of antibiotics, high speed trains, family photos, celebrities in popular news magazines, token-operated telephones: all these things that make us feel Italian can be found in this museum, alongside the great events and names from the world of politics, economics, culture and scientific research.
The history of the 20th century as told by M9 is everybody’s history, a collective mosaic made up of pieces of everyone’s lives and where our stories and those of our parents and grandparents mingle with great historical events.

Didattica Secondary School

In line with national guidelines for secondary schools, M9 offers students the chance to study all subjects in a systematic, historical and critical manner. Working alongside the curriculum, it provides students with the cultural and methodological tools they need to gain an in-depth understanding of reality, so they can approach it with a rational, creative, organised and critical attitude.

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