Banksy. Painting Walls

Banksy. Painting Walls

An unauthorized exhibition
produced and organized by MetaMorfosi Eventi
in collaboration with M9 - Museum of the 20th Century

Curated by Sabina de Gregori

M9 - Museum of the 20th Century
Venice Mestre
from February 23rd to June 2nd 2024

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Banksy Painting Walls offers visitors the opportunity to delve into the artistic imagination of an author who has been on the worldwide cultural scene for over twenty years and who even in the current war scenarios has intervened with his artistic messages, showing once again his ability to stay in the midst of the present and confirming an artistic path that continues to move between themes such as the climate situation, social inequalities, migrants, wars and the rights of peoples.

The centerpiece of the exhibition and a practically unprecedented offering for Italy are the three original walls by the British artist on display in Mestre. Three extraordinary pieces from private collections, painted by Banksy in 2009, 2010 and 2018, made in London, Devon and Wales.

The protagonists of these three works are three teenagers, representatives of a new generation that seems to have always been the most sensitive to the issues around which the English artist’s interests revolve.

Season’s Greetings, which appeared in Port Talbot, Wales, in December 2018, was chosen as the image of the exhibition. It is a large portion of the wall on which Banksy painted a little boy with his arms wide open and his tongue stuck out of his mouth to taste the snowflakes falling from the sky. Flakes which, however, turn out to be ash rising from a burning rubbish bin. Port Talbot has been defined by the WHO as the most polluted city in the United Kingdom.

On display – in addition to two other walls, Heart Boy and Robot/Computer Boy – there will be some unique pieces that will further enrich the exhibition itinerary, and overall more than seventy original works.

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