Blinded by data

Blinded by data
an immersive work by Domestic Data Streamers

M9 - Museum of the 20th Century
Venezia Mestre
from December 2nd, 2023

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M9 – Museum of the 20th Century inaugurates a new multimedia space on the first floor with Infoxication, an experiential path designed by Barcelona-based studio Domestic Data Streamers, in co-production with Disseny Hub Barcelona and the Llum BCN festival.

The immersive experience, the first of its kind in Italy and specially created for M9, aims to make visitors think about the toxicity of the excess of information available to us every day, the impact on our attention span of the constant alerts of emails and messages to read, and the anxiety generated by the infinite number of windows open at once on our screens.

In the age of infoxication, in which the data and information available to us become an excessive light, we no longer see the contours of the world around us, living as if blinded by data.
Domestic Data Streamers is a Barcelona-based art collective of journalists, researchers, coders, data scientists and designers that, since 2013, has focused on exploring new data languages and their social implications.

They have worked in over 45 countries, on all continents, and for cultural institutions such as the Tate Modern Gallery, Hong Kong Design Institute and California Academy of Sciences.
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