THE MUSEUM The 1900s: the best and worst century

One hundred years are just a drop in the ocean compared to the history of mankind: yet the lives of Italians changed more in the 20th century than they did in any other century before it.
It was a time of totalitarianism, World Wars and mass genocide but also of liberalism and democracy, collective movements, the welfare state, general well-being and the acknowledgement of freedom and civil rights.
M9 explores the highs and lows of the century with its many stories, contradictions and questions.

THE MUSEUM Which 20th century?

The Carosello TV show, table football, Fiat 500s laden down for family summer holidays, industrially produced ‘panettone’ Christmas cakes, shorts, haute couture, the invention of antibiotics, high speed trains, family photos, celebrities in popular news magazines, token-operated telephones: all these things that make us feel Italian can be found in this museum, alongside the great events and names from the world of politics, economics, culture and scientific research.
The history of the 20th century as told by M9 is everybody’s history, a collective mosaic made up of pieces of everyone’s lives and where our stories and those of our parents and grandparents mingle with great historical events.

THE MUSEUM Touch as much as you like

M9 would not exist without its visitors.
The videos, immersive areas, games and virtual realities only come to life when the public actively engages with them. M9 is a museum where touching and exploring are the order of the day!
The interaction between visitor and display creates a unique experience.
Everyone is free to see what interests them most, choosing something different every time.
A place to return to, where fun and learning merge.

M9 MAP Finding your way around

M9 is a bit like an encyclopaedia. You can jump from one entry to another depending on your inclination and curiosity. Or read the sections in the right order.
There is no set visitor route: you are free to decide where to start, what to see, where to stop and learn more.
There are two floors, eight themed sections and more than sixty stand-alone but connected installations.
Each section begins with an exciting and immersive display, a portal to help you see the 20th century from a different point of view.

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