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Gentleman's Profession' No Longer

Data: 16/09/2018

Architecture Exhibition Venice.
"Freespace" wins

Data: 10/05/2018

More Constitution at school teaches us how to live together

Data: 01/05/2018

Franco Gallo’s lesson on the 70th anniversary of the Constitution

Data: 18/04/2018

M9 – from Mestre to Europe

Data: 16/04/2018

The Constitution on "show" at M9

Data: 16/04/2018

The M9 cloister hosts the Architecture Exhibition - Venice Biennale

Data: 13/04/2018

M9 architects exhibit at the Venice Biennale.

Data: 05/03/2018

The Venice Biennale challenges beauty.

Data: 03/03/2018

Countdown to the M9 opening.

Data: 15/01/2018

35 thousand visitors to the M9 cloister.

Data: 31/12/2017

The M9 swings are a huge success

Data: 27/12/2017

Late 2018: M9 will be ready to innovate Mestre

Data: 25/12/2017

M9 a new district.

Data: 18/12/2017

M9 starts to show its colours.

Data: 16/12/2017

M9 starts to show its hand.

Data: 16/12/2017